Verrosa's Tech Haul: A Guide to your Work and School Essentials

Tech Haul: A Guide to your Work & School Essentials

Over the past years, the digital space has enhanced communication and collaboration, both in the workplace and school zones. The rise for technology has doubled, the demand for advancement improved and wanted over the past 3 years.

Along with the recent rise of technology advancements, you may have been tad confused on which device to use, what has been improved or how to find the right device in a vast sea of work or school essentials. That’s where we come in, we’re here to assist you to make better and worthy device (plus accessory) choices in a pool of pick-me brands and constant new releases. Without any further ado, we share with you Verrosa’s Tech Haul, a guide to your work and school essentials. 

  1. Computers & Accessories
  2. Smartphones & Must-Have
  3. Printers & Home Office
  4. Headphones & Speakers
  5. Power Banks and Charging Pads


Computer & Accessories

Whether you’re working at home or in the office, studying at a university or attending classes virtually - computers are always at the top of your have-to lists. Before purchasing one, you have to thoroughly research what specifications you’ll need based on your work and school responsibilities.

Verrosa - Computer & Home Accessories

You need to consider the Processor as it determines the speed of your computer’s operations and applications. If you’re mostly just into email functions, internet browsing and other simple tasks, a Core i3 to Core i5 is a good choice, but if you’re into image and video editing and a frequent user of software apps, Core i7 to Core i9  is the ballpark for great choice. Storage is also one of the must-considers, 2GB RAM will be suitable for basic functions but if you’re an editor or a designer, you would need to extend to at least 16GB RAM as it dictates how many apps you’ll be able to run without your computer slowing down. 

While ensuring the specs are on-point and the computer is durable, you’d want to enhance the laptop’s usage. Having an external keyboard and mouse is a great accessory whether you have a desktop or just a laptop, just plug it in and you’re ready to finish typing your report or just revising a school paper due soon. Get a quality and durable keyboard and mouse for under $35. You’d also want to always be connected to not miss out on any emails or any calls for paper revisions, of which wifi routers and extenders are of great use. Browse great deals for wifi essentials, with nothing above $50 through Verrosa. 


Smartphones & Must-Haves

As the workplace and school zone is always changing, you need to have an equally efficient and responsive smartphone. It’s also equally important to consider how you can make the phone durable by simply picking compatible mobile accessories. 

Verrosa - Smartphones & Must-Haves

Have an extra layer of protection for your smartphone with a wide range of mobile cases all under $15 - choose between clear hard covers, folio wallets, silicone covers and even colorful designer ones. For iPhone users, enjoy the sleek design of your iphone while not worrying about your battery life, for under $100, get the best of leather sleeve protection paired with a magsafe charger to enjoy a fast and wireless recharge. 

Enjoy seamless work and study experience with your every day mobile must-haves all under $100! Be in-sync with your devices and transfer files in a swift with cables for only $25, plug whenever and wherever with wall chargers and adapters all under $35

Printers & Home Office

Nothing beats the official paperwork! With work and school duties shifting from offices and universities to our homes, it’s a must-have to own printers and home office tools to ensure every document and schoolwork will be thoroughly reviewed and signed.

Verrosa - Printers & Home Office

Get top-of-the-line yet affordable printers to complete the job for only half the price! Own a Canon Pixma that performs smoothly for as low as $80, a Canon document scanner for only $70 and get rid of extra files with an Insignia shredder for only $80. Paperworks has never been so convenient and cheap!


Headphones and speakers 

Communication is on the top list for working and studying remotely and to perform well, you need to hear and speak well. 

Verrosa - Headphones and speakers

Be on track for all your meetings and virtual classes with speakers below $150 and headsets for as low as $35. Who says owning a high-quality sound system needs to break the bank?


Power Banks and Charging Pads

Get uninterrupted work or study prints with a backup power at hand. Enjoy having 100% full battery capacity with power banks for only $35 and under.

Verrosa - Power Banks and Charging Pads

This comes with power capacities of 10000 to 20000 mAh, suitable for your mobile phones and tablets. Also, enjoy wireless charging for your  mobile phones and digital watches with charging pads priced at $35 and below

Thinking about the warranty and maintenance? Worry not! Our open box and refurbished items all come with warranty coverages to ensure good quality working condition. Refurbished printers come with a 90-day warranty coverage and open-box items are covered with a 1-year warranty.

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